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    In 2013 we opened Tile Cleaning Solutions (TCS) proudly serving the Southern California Swimming Pool Industry.  *We are IPSSA Water Chemistry  Certified with an in depth understanding of water chemistry, and a  former officer in the IPSSA (Independent Pool and Spa Service  Association) Orange Coast Chapter, Orange County.  Member-Insured ASAPP (American Spa and  Pool Pros) - In the Biz since 1998 


Protect Your Investment

 We are industry leading professionals with state-of-the-art mobile blasts units that can safely, and effectively remove unsightly white calcium/scale deposits at the water line from Swimming Pools, Spas, and Water Features.   We also, perform Acid Washes to refresh plaster surfaces, and perform Replacement of out-of-date (every 5-7 years) Pool Main Drain, and Spa Drain (Suction Outlet) Covers to comply with our national VGB law requirements using underwater PADI certified SCUBA .  *Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act which takes effect December 19, 2008


Speaks For Itself

The end result is perfection.  Tile restored to it's former beauty, allowing your pool and leisure time investment to once again be the crown jewel of your back yard.  No better time than right now, before that next party, to breathe new life into your pool's old tile so call us right now and let us bring our solutions to your door!  - TCS "Making Pools Look New Again"